The Celebrated Mother

​Mothers day is celebrated annually in honor of our strong mothers who stood by us and made us who we are today.This year’s mothers day will be celebrated on the 14th of May.

On occasions as this,everyone is looking up to the children to show thier appreciation,thats good but as a mother what unique mark have you or do you intend to leave in the life of your children?

Hence,my views as to being the celebrated mum.

I was once walking by the road side when I saw a young woman and a little boy whom I presumed  to be her son about 4years of age coming from the opposite direction.The mum was way ahead of his son then the mum turned asked him to hurry up in a harsh way and insulted him as well,that a bit was normal but what striked me was when the son also replied his mum with an insult you least expect from a child of his age this led to a man walking behind me  shocked,myself as well.Are these what we impact in our children?

As a celebrated mum,these are some things that you should do;
Much time should be spent with the children.Parents who spend less time with thier children because they have to get to work early so leave the money on the table for the children to take before leaving for school,sometimes end up having truant children since  there is less supervision and bad friends as well moreso,not knowing what they might also be going through.
Working together with the men.Most often than not we know the bread winners of every family to be a man,but in some instances,it turns to be otherwise.Some mothers makes it so obvious for the children to know whatever money given them is from her which is wrong.I once heard a neighbour who’s husband recently lost his job tell her daughter,”this fees am giving you and the pocket money I keep giving you is my own money and not your lazy dad” this I realized didnt go well for the girl but what could she have done?she needed the money.As mother’s, it is advisable to keep some issues away from the children.


Train and nurture them with confidence and encourage them as well.This happens to be for the single mothers espectially,we should not allow our circumstances make us put fear in our children rather it should be a ground for us to encourage them and let them know our mistakes so as not to repeat any mistake.Instead of blaming their father,why don’t we encourage them letting them know that they can work on their own and that they should be courageous in all they do.
As a mum,you will be happy if you are appreciated from a genuine heart by your children not because everyone is celebrating mothers day but because you deserve it.Lets not see parenting as a normal duty as mothers but lets set the motion to embrace things that can make us outstanding and activate them.

To the children also,as we plan for our mothers,lets not only make it an annual event of celebrating our mothers but also saving mothers out there.Let it not only be our single mothers but also women all around the globe.

Be A Celebrated Mum.

Happy Mother’s Day To All Mother’s, We Love You.


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