Love,A taste of You

Ok guys you know that feeling when you can’t and don’t want to chat or talk to anyone?This is my chat with love,I would love to keep it in my diary and share with you alone.

  1. Did I go wrong in explaining how I feel?Did I go wrong by being a jealous being? Am filled with fears and tears.Rushing down my face like the rains
  2. Am carried away in total dismay.Oh love at least treat me well.Like others enjoy you,I also wanna enjoy you,Like the personalities you make them,I wanna have testimonies
  3. You haven’t been fair to me at all.You only drag me from grace to grass.You only make me take some decisions which eventually breaks me down.For once I enter in peace then I run out in pieces.You do not only shatter dreams but you bring my hopes and that of the youth down.
  4. I thought you are dear to the older generation rather you make them fear you also like you do to us.What will my generation and the one’s to come say then? Where then do we turn to for advise?
  5. Love,I plead with you to treat us well so we have a taste of you.That feeling that makes others fall in love without leaving.That feeling that makes all happy to have found you. A taste of you Love.

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