Why do you make some happy to find you,and others sad?I know love is sweet but it’s also bitter.No wonder the pastors say ‘for better for worse’.

Love, should people still be under you despite the pain they go through? Why then do you make them cry and lament even when they want to leave?

Only to come back running into your arms forgetting how you treated them. Maybe you help them get over their pain.But what about me?Why do I find it difficult running back to you?

Well,I won’t say you are wicked when I remember that nice love and feeling I felt when my family, friends,my boyfriend loved me.

Until I broke thier heart when I was diagnosed of a weird disease which I dunno how I got that tho.Gradually,they were moving away from me and the worst of them all my family.

I wish I could run back to you like others do,but the disease I know not how I got that still makes me hold on to reasons that they will drive me away.


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