Dear future self,

How time flies, craving so much to be an adult,getting money and buying things you wanted to buy on your own.

It’s been a while after my service and work in the media house and today is the day I have always desired for.Guess what?my wedding day *much excitement*.I have had sleepless night in regard to this great day am so happy its finally here. I cant wait to get to the church,I was just called on phone to be tolf that everything is ready;decorations,food,snacks and all we needed for the guests.

I have been imagining how good my husband to be will be looking,

*phone rings,I will be right back its my husband to be.***happy***

 I haven’t seen him today tho only heard his voice on phone as he wished me all the best and asked me not to be late he then concluded with “Iloveyou”that even made my day more colourful.

I am so glad am going to be a wife and a mother in few months time shw3,no long things kraa o lol.I love my husband to be,he is all I wanted thanks to God who helped me in finding him.My parents have also called to wish me all the best in the morning already.

I felt a tap on my shoulder,it was my stylist “time is running out go and bath so we get you prepared its your day”she said.I haven’t even checked the time o,so lost in thoughts,I run into the bathroom to get prepared. I can’t wait to be in church to be called #MRS#

With love,



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