Hello guys, so I find something interesting about a blog I visited and thought it will be fun here. Am stuked in traffic so lemme try this.This is the questions and answer category. Q&A for short.you can email any question ebriddy84 @gmail.com and promise…urm yh i will answer. Let’s roll

Q:what did you take for break fast?

A:Yaay,breakfast,shai this thing that my dad always fights with me cos I don’t like taking it kraa…..but hold on we fasting o why ask this? Lol.I haven’t taken anything yet.

Q:What name will you give to your male child?

A:erm,not thought of that o but will give him his dad’s name probably so he becomes a Junior.

Q:What’s the meaning of your name?

A:Bridget means exalted one when I researched,had to take lots of revision to remember this.lol   Mawunyo is a local name for the ewe tribe or thnic group in Ghana to mean God is good.our names are nice and mostly attributed to God.And oh Adjo is also a name given to females born on Monday.

Lets continue some other time, have to alight.





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