A lady’s struggle,

If i find it difficult to accept you despite all your care,love,gifts and all that don’t blame me,blame your fellow guys.At times they form part of who we are today.They make us take some decisions which affects not only us but innocent guys too.

Innocent ladies sometimes fall and become victims of what they don’t deserve.I had the chance of meeting new guys somewhere along the line in 2016,tell you what?they form part of my today.I have taken some decisions that is affecting this young guy.

I tell him,ladies like me are facing similar things,it will be best they advice themselves when they see thier fellow guys treating a lady in a way she deserves not.In the name of his my friend I can’t do that to him.Will you be happy seeing your sister going through that?…”No”,will be your answer.

You see she’s all over him but has no idea what goes on behind her.Why keep mute?It’s as a result I have taken some decisions today.Not that I won’t involve myself with guys I will but not now.

Next time you see that dearie just stand for the truth and tell her.It takes stronger heart to love again.

As a result of this I prefer going by this word’s in the image.

Some believe being single is best as a result of emotional stability. A lady’s struggle is a whole lot.you agree ain’t it?

Bridget Ahiahornu


Enam writes


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