After Campaign,What Next?-Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a cancer that affects the breast,it starts when the cells in the breast get out of control.Its said to affect women especially but men as well.If not treated early can become a big problem at the end where doctors will have no choice than to cut the breast off.Sometimes too when not treated early will spread then death eventually.Every year,we celebrate the breast cancer awareness,thumbs up.Why then do we still have our ladies and mothers suffering from this same cancer?Does it mean that our awareness as a nation and the world at large is not effective?Or some of our females are ignorant?What’s the way forward?Well,I suggest its symptoms should be given plus preventive measures,like seeing the doctor anytime one feels an odd feeling or suspecting a lump in the breast who knows?Most especially wash the undies we buy thus the brassiers and avoid as much as possible buying used ones.Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking,have enough sleep,get sufficient amount of iodine,eat cancer- fighting food …Its is said that breast cancer cannot be eradicated fully but can be reduced.Mothers,Ladies, girls,and men take good care of your breast and you will be free from this breast cancer risk don’t forget people are dying too.#Be safe#Keep your breast Safe too.


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