Just something I Scribbled Down

Ask a University graduate or who ever what school he attended,guess what his answer will be…he will mention the high school he attended.
Senior High School(SHS) is the second cycle of education students enter after they finish thier JHS.A person’s result is what guarantees him or her to the enter the SHS.
SHS still stands as one of the best on the educational ladder.When it comes to choosing of schools students like to choose schools like the Achimota School (motown), Wesley Girls,Pope John’s,Adisadel,Aggrey,Ghana National, Aburi Girls,Accra Aca among others.Here, people have a choice of going to either a single sex school or mixed school.School life here especially the boarding house is much exciting which makes you have memories always.No wonder first year students (freshers)always have loads of stories to tell thier families and friends when they get back home.They say when you don’t go to a boarding house,then you miss the excitement and fun.
Talking about the annoying waking up early to do your house chores,the tasteless dinning food,running errands for senior sisters and what have you nevertheless its doesn’t change one from learning how to live on his own away from parents discipline.One is able to learn how to cope and learn from people since they are all from different background.Aside the rumours about occultism and bad students,one can build up his christian life becoming more prayerful and gets concerned about the things of God.
There are various societies and clubs on campus where students choose the one they prefer thereby building thier potentials clubs like the civic club,tourist club, wildlife, debators club etc.Talents like the sports are also nurtured where students come out of schools becoming professionals in thier societies.
All these coupled with academics in school makes SHS a great place to be.


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