Its been two weeks this rain has decided to fall,no other day than Sunday,where most Christians go to church,I know we have the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) so I used most.I laid in my bed on saturday(8th October) night praying it doesnt fall on sunday.Besides,I was well prepared kraa,I had ironed my dress for service who knows “Dumsor“( used among the Ghanaian people,black out) might visit.

As I laid down after making a couple of calls,all i heard was the thunder doing its thing…then I saw flashes of lightening,Oh not again,the rains have started,really??I think i dozed off,alarm beebing oh ;”its morning already”? I said.I lazily woked up,did some little chores,hurried to the bathroom as i sung some Holyspirit filled song,you know…Aww can church be possible today?

I decided to wait for the rains to come down so I move out.While I waited,I chatted some friends,little did I know that time was gone.ohho not today too,so no church again??But should the rain keep deterring me from going to church?

For the past three sundays,I have not made it to service, meanwhile time with God in the week is no excuse to give. Its high time I advised myself.

The best place to be is the house of God


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