Heya,this is something I wrote to teach some young girls in my club.I tried my best to edit some so it does not look solely like a presentation sort of thereby taking out some points so it looks _’okay’ here.Have a nice time reading.

 A beautiful lady;
• does what is good for her.
• doesn’t chase the limelight (attention);
• does not do things to show she wants attention.He who shines from within need no spotlight.

• She Knows How to Talk;
• There’s nothing worse than a woman who doesn’t know how to use her mouth. The mouth belongs to you yet you can’t use it well. She speaks words of intelligence than insults.
• She Can Go Alone;
• She Is Tight Lipped 

• True beauty is found in a SOUL completely surrendered to JESUS CHRIST, a HEART consumed by him alone and a LIFE eagerly poured out for his sake. 

Your beauty should not come from outdoor adornment such as braided hair and wearing of gold jewellery and fine clothes.Instead, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit which is of great worth in Gods sight (1st peter 3:3-4).

What Is Your Purpose?
onorable beautiful lady, you were created for a purpose and a mission, that’s why you have to know why GOD gave you such beauty. It doesn’t matter how you look like because you are fearfully and wonderfully made (psalm 139:1-4)so whatever you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. (1st cor 10:31). If you are in any act or behavior that does not glorify God, then my sister you are missing your purpose . 
• Do not let the situation and the environment you find yourself in predict the life you should leave. You must purpose in your heart that come what may, you are going to live for JESUS.

 In financial difficulties, loneliness, disappointments, argument etc the things you do will determine if you are a beautiful girl or not. We should rather have a way of preaching salvation to these boys who propose to us. Somebody must look at you and desire to give his/her life to Christ because your life is a sermon to others. Having said this, I will like to share with you some experiences I have encountered because I knew the purpose of my beauty.
 Saturday, 10th January 2015


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